Pets and Mental Health in Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses – December 11 2017

Academics and practitioners are exploring the ways that pets impact mental health for women who have experienced abuse. This webinar will explore some of the most current research as well as emerging practices on this topic.
We are delighted to host our two panellists. Rochelle Stevenson, the Project Coordinator with the Animal and Interpersonal Abuse Research Group (AIPARG) at the University of Windsor, will present some of her research. Jaki MacKinnon, the Executive Director of Bethesda House in Bowmanville, will speak about her experience developing and offering an in-shelter pet program and the impact that has had on staff and residents. 


AIPARG Pets Mental Health and Women’s Shelters Pres


Bethesda House – Supporting women with pets in a VAW Shelter



Trauma-Informed Boards for Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses – September 27 2017

Knowledge Exchange Coordinator Heather Stewart presents a quick literature review on the role of boards in adopting trauma-informed practices, and Executive Director Sherrie Botten and Board President Chris Tulloch of Rowan House in Alberta talk about their experiences implementing trauma-informed responses to mental health and substance use policy and practices.


WSC Presentation of Literature Review on Trauma-Informed Boards for Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses September 2017

Rowan House Presentation on Trauma Informed Boards September 2017

WSC Boards and Trauma Literature Review Sept 2017


Emerging Practices and Legal Context for Prescription Drugs and Marijuana in VAW Shelters – February 22 2017

CNWSTH Knowledge Exchange Project Officer Heather Stewart hosts panellist Dr. Susan Boyd, a Distinguished Professor at the University of Victoria specializing in drug law and policy, and Melody Rose, executive director of MapleGate House for Women in Elliot Lake Ontario. Dr. Boyd served on the Federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and presents some of the emerging legal context around marijuana law and policy. Melody Rose speaks about her experience over the years since implementing trauma-informed approaches to prescription drugs, marijuana and methadone, and her vision for the future. 


Dr. Susan Boyd’s presentation on the legal context of medicinal marijuana circa February 2017

WSC – Medication Storage and Dispensation Policies: A literature review